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Robert Flanagan

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Robert first trained as a colorist in Verona, Italy. After a two year apprenticeship, he became a colorist at the Marco Bravi Salon in Verona where he spent four years.


Robert moved from Italy to San Francisco in 2003 to work with San Francisco’s Brian andKim Battisti as a colorist.His hair cutting training is from The Paul Mitchell School in San Diego, and he studied under Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell, Robert Cromeans at the ARCS school in San Diego.


Robert had the honor of taking a class with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II‘s personal hairstylist Trevor Sorbie MBE. He worked as a colorist and stylist at Aveda Concept Salon in Los Gatos, California and is a graduate of Aveda’s advanced hair cutting class and the Aveda Colorist Program. Robert also trained with Schwartzkopf and Redken in San Francisco in cutting and color.Robert uses Schwartzkopf and Redken color exclusively.


Robert says, “Your hair is your greatest accessory. Women who spend hours thinking about the nuances of their clothes, shoes and jewelry will often give little thought to the first and biggest thing people notice –the perfectly colored and cut hair.”Robert knows exactly how to give you the hair you want.

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